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Collaborative Law

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Collaborative law

This is a practice whereby divorcing or separating couples work together as a team with their solicitors (who must be trained in this area) and agree to try to reach a settlement without going to Court. 

Each person then has the guidance and protection of a solicitor and will all meet on one or more occasions to discuss the issues and try to reach an agreed solution.

The solicitors must agree not to apply to the Court and a contract known as a ‘Participation Agreement’ will be signed to confirm this.  If an agreed solution is reached, the solicitors will prepare a legally binding Court Order to confirm the terms. 

However, where no agreed settlement can be achieved, the solicitors involved in the Collaborative process must withdraw from the case meaning that you to engage the services of a different solicitor.  

We find that couples work hard to achieve an agreed outcome when they know that they would need to change solicitors if the collaborative practice were unsuccessful.  This is a real incentive to make it work and in our experience it leads to compromise and agreement meaning that couples can move forward with life.

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