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Relationship breakdown for married couples

Whether you have decided that your marriage or civil partnership is over, or are unsure about your future, it is often helpful to know all the facts before making any decisions this is where we as divorce solicitors can help. The thought of proceeding with a divorce or dissolution of Civil Partnership can feel overwhelming.  Relationship breakdowns are often a time of emotional hardship, confusion and pain.  Our team of specialised divorce solicitors & lawyers will guide and support you through the process to make it as stress free as possible. 

Relationship Breakdown for Married Couples


The only ground for divorce is that the marriage has broken down ‘irretrievably’.  You must be certain that there is no prospect of resolving the difficulties before embarking on a divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership. 

We now have a system of ‘no fault’ divorce so that there is no need for any reasons to be given for the breakdown of the relationship.  This is a positive part of the divorce reforms in 2022 as it removes the need for one person to blame the other.

It is possible for a divorce application to be made solely by one person or both may make a joint application.  The process is generally the same but both parties must action each step along the way if they make a joint application.

The Process

The one drawback to the reforms is that a divorce may now take longer to complete, even where both parties agree on all matters.  There are four main stages to the divorce process:

  1. The Divorce Application is submitted online.
  2. The other party will receive the application and respond to confirm that the divorce is not being contested.
  3. Once a period of 20 weeks has elapsed from the issue of the application, the Conditional Order may be granted.
  4. The Final Order may then be granted six weeks later.

The Requirements

In order to proceed with a divorce, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You and your spouse must have been married for over one year, and
  2. You must live in England and Wales, and
  3. You must confirm that the marriage has broken down.

The divorce process from the issue of the application to the grant of the Final Order will take six months.  This period will only be exceeded if there are difficulties showing that the application has been received by the other person and we will advise you on what can be done to overcome this situation.

Civil partnership and same sex marriage

The process to dissolve a Civil Partnership is now the same as with a divorce.  It follows that there is no need to give any reasons for the breakdown of the relationship and it will take six months to conclude the process.

“Whether you want to know about divorce solicitors, the ending of a Civil Partnership or perhaps a Separation Agreement, we are experienced and can provide clear and constructive advice on the legal issues involved and deal with your requirements in an efficient and effective manner.”

Divorce FAQs

A divorce under the new online system will take six months in every case unless the recipient of the application refuses to cooperate in which case it will take longer.

The divorce is now an online process and there is no actual court hearing.

The ability to state that one person has committed adultery or behaved unreasonably has been removed.  It is no longer possible to give reasons for the divorce.

There is a court fee of £593 payable to the court to apply for divorce and it has become common for couples to share this expense.  The charges of any solicitor are met by the person instructing the solicitor.