Know where you stand

Fixed Fees

We are aware that the cost of specialist legal advice can seem high and that many people may believe this to be unaffordable.

We do not charge by the hour or for individual letters and telephone calls as most firms do.  We believe that this structure of charging creates uncertainty for people and increases the anxiety in an already difficult situation.

We charge by reference to ‘fixed fees’ for different parts of the process.  This ensures that our clients always know what amount needs to be paid, and when, and this takes away a lot of the worry.  We have explained our charging structure below for some examples of the work we undertake for our clients.


We charge a fixed fee whether our client is applying for or responding to the application for divorce.  The only other fee is one payable to the court to process the application and we will advise you on these charges at the outset.

Children Cases

In many situations we will refer parents to speak to an independent mediator as many parents lose the ability to communicate and compromise becomes very problematic.  If we make a referral to a mediator, we will charge a fixed fee for this which will include us guiding you through the process.

In some situations, the arrangements for the children cannot be agreed and the court must be involved.  We have divided the process into stages so that we charge for each part of the process, and you can pay as the case proceeds.

Financial Matters (Married couples)

We always try to resolve matters in a conciliatory manner and by agreement.  In most cases we will advise on a mutual exchange of financial information whereby a standard form is completed for each person (and supported by financial documents) and this is followed by negotiations which may take place by an exchange of letters or preferably by everyone attending a joint meeting.  We have a fixed fee to prepare the statement and supporting information and another fixed fee for the negotiations.  

Most cases are resolved by agreement when a document known as a Financial Consent Order must be prepared to set out the agreed terms.  We have a fixed fee for the preparation of this document.

In some cases, an agreement cannot be reached and the court must be involved.  We have broken down the process into stages and our clients pay for each stage as the cases proceeds.

Written Agreements

There are several different forms of family agreement which include a Pre-Nuptial Agreement which couples sign before they marry and a Separation Agreement if they choose to live apart without getting divorced.  We will assess the complexity of the situation and then provide you with a fixed fee for the preparation of the written agreement.

Our Assurance

We only charge the fixed fee which has been confirmed to you, in writing, at the start of the process.

We do not increase the fixed fee if we have to carry out more work than expected.

We only charge an additional fee if the further work was not foreseen at the outset.

We will always advise you, in writing, before any additional work is done which leads to an additional fee so that you have the option of whether to pay this.

Legal Aid

We do not offer Legal Aid.  We will advise you on firms local to you who offer Legal Aid if it appears likely to us that you may be eligible for this.

This page is intended for basic information purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for obtaining your own independent legal advice.  Please contact us either by telephone on 01872 217200 or email in the first instance.