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In family law and divorce cases the law provides that the welfare of a child is a court’s paramount consideration.  Anthony Vingoe shares this view and will always encourage parents to put the needs of a child first.

Anthony will usually advise parents to try to reach an agreed decision about any child as it is better for them to work together and make decisions after joint consultation rather than having decisions made by a judge which has never even met the child.

It takes two parents to make a child and it is usually better for a child to have the support of both parents in his or her life.  Anthony will therefore often refer parents to mediation to discuss arrangements for any child in the hope that agreement can be reached


Orders from courts

If parents of a child cannot reach a concensus or mediation does not work there are a number of orders that courts can make as set out below

Children arrangement orders

The Court can be asked to resolve the living arrangements for children.  It may be one parent seeking an order for children to live with him or her or the other parent seeking to spend time with the children. 

These cases may often necessitate the involvement of what is known as a CAFCASS officer where there are concerns over the welfare of children and the cases often involve several court hearings and last for many months.

Anthony will deal with the case from start to finish and represent you at all court hearings so that, unlike many solicitors, you do not have to be represented by someone else at court.

Specific issue orders

There may be situations where parents cannot agree on a specific issue such as schooling or medical treatment. 

The court process in these cases are usually much quicker and we can deal with them without delay as we appreciate that such issues may need to be settled urgently for the child involved.

Prohibited steps orders

It may be necessary to prevent a parent taking a child or to prevent a parent from allowing someone else such as a new partner from coming into contact with a child.  We are often asked to advise on such issues and have them determined by a Court urgently.

This page is intended for basic information purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for obtaining your own independent legal advice.  Please contact Anthony either

"It was President John F Kennedy who once said that children are the world’s best hope for the future."